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Dabei seit: 23.01.2019
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Why GTA San Andreas is still popular today?

Launched on October 26, 2004, GTA San Andreas has become one of the greatest names in the massive gaming community.

Gigantic maps

GTA: SA is proud to be one of the largest open-world map games in the gaming industry. Really, the landscape in the game is extremely diverse. There are three major cities: Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas; and the rest are unique populations: dense greenery and forests in Whetstone in the south-east, or harsh desert in the north. If you are not a big fan of SA and someone who doesn't pay much attention to the scene in the game, it is very likely that you will be surprised and lost in an extremely large map in the game.


You will have to spend a lot of time to drive to perform different tasks, so it is perfect to have something interesting to hear. San Andreas will satisfy players when there are almost all kinds of music. From rap, hip-hop, Radio Los Santos or K-DST's classic rock to the most audible pop genre of the 90s, it can please the most demanding players.

If you don't like listening to music, it's okay because San Andreas has a radio channel called WCTR that includes comedy shows, commercials, news, etc. that are similar to the real world out there. There are countless great programs that you can find while you're on the car, and The Wild Traveler is the best example. In the PC version of SA, players can optionally create their own radio menu, but with WCTR you probably don't need to do that much.

Only this feature might be enough for you to get Gta san andreas apk download[/b].

Customized characters

Customizing characters is always an effective way to make players feel more excited when they are free to express their unique personality in the game. Vice City is the first version that allows players to change the character of Tommy Vercetti, but until San Andreas is born, players are allowed to modify the appearance of every character.

First, SA allows players to optionally change the outer outfit of characters. Moreover, each outfit has its own special effects. For example, when you wear the Grove Street green suit, that means you will be allowed to recruit more members to your gang.

Next, SA introduces completely new parameters regarding the characters they own such as Fat and Muscle. Eating a lot of food will make you be fat faster. On the contrary, the Fatty index that was not maintained at an average level would make the character more emaciated and stubborn. And if you maintain your weight and exercise to make the muscle index be high, it will make the guy have a perfect body. In fact, you can completely change your character’s form within a day. Remember, the constant change in appearance will make his health be unsecured.

That sounds amazing!

In conclusion, with lots of fantastic features, GTA San Andreas apk has gained massive downloads. So now it’s your turn!

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